- Sukhi Singh Nijjar

Sukhi Singh Nijjar

"Sukhi" Sukhijinder Singh Nijjar isn't a politician - he's a concerned parent. His experience raising two daughters in Queens opened his eyes to the deep inequities and issues in our city's education system and compelled him to run for City Council to fight for our future. Sukhi has been a small business owner and devout community leader in Richmond Hill for 30 years. He has a profound understanding of the people's concerns and is ready to be a true representative for the people of City Council District 29.

Sukhi's Progressive Plan:

- Vote "NO" on ANY city budget that cuts funding for education

- Commit to creating safer streets for all our communities by funding community-based culturally relevant programs & - education to tackle violence and hate

- Expand Rent Stabilization laws and protections for existing units, & create opportunities for new units

- Ensure full language access in all city agencies and forms in all languages spoken in District 29.

- Fight for QueensLink to increase transit accessibility for central & southeastern Queens