Candidates for Austin Street to Promenade 2 have different opinions


The 29th City Council District of Queens , which includes Forest Hills, Autumn Park, and Rego Park, has nearly 29% of the Asian population. The two Democratic candidates are Ethan Felder and Sukhi Singh. , recently shared their political opinions at the Queens election forum held by Yachao Meng. The two had different opinions on whether Austin Street (Austin St.), a local main street, should become a pedestrian street.

Feder, a labor lawyer who grew up in Forest Hills, has called for the closure of the controversial Umbrella Hotel in Autumn Gardens, saying he will focus on education, quality of life and the climate crisis so that local schools Fully funded, invested in parks, and guaranteed not to neglect the voters of Richmond hills.

Singh, a small business owner and community rights activist, said he was a "worried parent". In the process of raising three children, he deeply realized the inequality in the education system. He wanted the "future generation" to run for election. A budget that cuts education funding says no, creates safer streets, and boosts public transit in central and southeastern Queens.

Whether Austin Street, a commercial street in Forest Hills, should become a pedestrian street is a hot topic in the local area. Feder expressed his opposition to this, thinking that banning cars will bring inconvenience to the elderly group with a large proportion of the population, and should not be limited to pedestrians open. Singh supported this change, saying that the street is a two-way street with shops lining the sidewalks, causing crowded sidewalks and double-row parking, leading to many traffic accidents.

The two will challenge the incumbent Lynn Schulman in the primary election in June, and the winner will face Chinese-American Republican Miao Chengye in the general election.