Working Together Is Way to Go: How Sukhi Singh, NYC District 29 City Council Candidate, Is Creating a Safer Community for Everyone


People are the pillar of every community. It has been like that since the dawn of time. People got together and, for the sake of progress, thought of ways to work together and create a more efficient and safe environment. Even today, in the fast-paced, development-driven society of abundance, where everything is safer, better, and thriving, people are still the driving factor of improvement.

But sometimes, to keep up with the demand and better standard of living, rethinking how to improve community safety is critical to maintaining a healthy and thriving society, especially in densely populated urban areas like Queens, New York.

Singh says that “With all the new high rises being built, there will be an influx of new residents. With that comes the responsibility to improve the current residential safety levels.” In that light, Singh’s program will allow people walking to and from school or kids playing outside to feel safer, especially with their families. As he points out, “Community safety is very important to me, as well as actively working on keeping the safety levels high.”

Sukhi Singh plans to create a safer community by establishing a training program for people living in the community to support law enforcement. Singh thinks that community policing is an integral part of ensuring everyone’s safety, and he believes in training the local community on the standards of law enforcement to help him achieve that. “This will undoubtedly provide more safety and security to the residents of District 29,” he says. Singh plans to concentrate on the boroughs of Queens, including Richmond Hill, Kew Gardens, Forest Hill, Rego Park, and Jamaica.

In his own words, “My main platform is the voice of the local community, which deserves to be heard. I strongly believe that with quality education, increased safety around places where people live, and embracing cultural diversity, we can continue to make the world a better place.”


The need for increased community safety has never been greater, with the resident density increasing over time. “A safe community not only promotes a higher standard of living, but it also attracts businesses, investment, and tourism,” says Sukhi Singh, a political candidate running for City Council in District 29.

One example of Singh’s efforts is the attempt to introduce more approachable public services to all cultures in Queens. “It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as public services having different language pamphlets available. Take the DMV, for example. When people go to the DMV, I think they should have their own language pamphlets available presenting the necessary information on how they should get things done.”

All in all, the bustling and diverse borough of Queens, New York, is where people from all walks of life come together to live, work, and thrive. As Sukhjinder Singh Nijjar says, “Queens can be a safer and more secure place. The key to achieving this lies in promoting a higher standard of living and working together towards a brighter future.” Be a part of the movement for community safety and join Sukhi Singh’s mission to build a better tomorrow for all.